I haven’t run in a week… a full seven days.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I could say that.  Years.  It’s been a nice respite for my lower half, but a crazy challenge for my noggin.  It’s time to get back after it.


Today I start a new adventure – a running streak.  I’m planning to run at least 10 minutes per day for as many consecutive days as possible.  It’s easy now, but will become quite trying as the holiday cheer makes dawn a chore, the concrete turns to ice, and the demands of life compete for rightful attention.

But really, it’s only 10 minutes per day.  That’s only .00694444 of each day.  Completely doable.  I can even muster that with the flu if need be.  Bring it on!

I’ll ride the wave of naive excitement for now and procrastinate on the horror of that perfect storm… -12 degree late January day when the treadmill is broken and my to-do list runs to the backside of the napkin.

There is no coincidence between my week away from my beloved Skechers and neglect of this blog.  My clarity and writing ambition are directly fueled by  exhausting my body.  Though I tried many times to craft an entry during my short running hiatus, I simply couldn’t do it.

So the streak began today, November 1st, with 40 minutes.  I am feeling like me again.  With certainty, this streak will be accompanied by many random thoughts and progress reports to share.

Happy to be running.  Thankful to be writing.  Thrilled to be streaking!

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