Eight days in the books and the streak continues.  Here is a look at day seven…

A crisp Saturday afternoon welcomes my ambition to get the yard in order before any November surprises by dear Mother Nature.   Meanwhile, a rambunctious kindergartner torments his mom inside the house.   His older brother is living the good life at a friend’s birthday party and he is demanding his retribution for such inequity.

Hey son, are you up for running a mile with me on the trail?  Giddy-up!

We start gently out of the driveway as I warn him to take it slow because a mile is long way.  As we approach the trail access about a block from our house, Daniel is barely huffing and already confidently proclaiming that one mile probably is not enough.  I laugh to myself anticipating him begging for mercy and a piggyback ride at the half-mile mark.

Boy, was I wrong.  As we march past the point of no return for our original one mile plan, he smirks and trudges forward.  His innocent commentary turns toward how surprised his mom and bro are going to be…2 miles!  My thoughts wander… how much Halloween candy did this kid slyly eat to fuel this feat?

At the one mile mark, we briefly ponder a rest break.  Not for this six-year old!  He’s on the edge of glory and decides that I’m running too slow.  The rest of the journey is a crazy combination of sprints followed by shuffles, hare followed by tortoise.

He’s full of energy.  I’m full of pride.  We’re running happy.

As we see home on the horizon, my mind drifts to visions of him at age 17 blazing past me in a local 10K and our careful contemplation of cross county scholarship offers.

“So Daniel, do you think you’ll be a runner?”

“Nope, a football player.  Probably quarterback.”

Well, a dad can dream, right?

This wasn’t a dream, but felt like one.  Two memorable miles with my baby boy.

Day seven… check!

What simple moments have burned a special memory in your life?  Please share 🙂

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