I don’t hunt, but I love everything about deer hunting season in Wisconsin…  especially the tradition and camaraderie.

I find myself at my in-laws cottage on the opening weekend of the season.  After the hunters of the group make a predawn departure, its me and the energetic youngsters feasting on a breakfast of cereal and donut holes.  The donut holes last a total of 6 minutes!

After breakfast, I hunt.

I hunt for my opportunity to throw on my own version of blaze orange and head out for a brief jaunt and reprieve from the sugar-fueled madness.

My planned three miles turns into five.  The crisp, below freezing temps feel amazing with no wind to chill.  With the woods and fields filled with hunters, the narrow lakeside roads are bare.  All to myself!

I return ready to be the calm within the craziness.  Ready to act like a kid and savor the traditions of deer camp.  A game of disorganized football anyone?  Let’s go buy some more donut holes… and candy bars!  Oh yes, I have plenty of quarters for video games while we are waiting for dinner… please keep asking for more 🙂

The hunters returned from their adventure without a deer sighting.  I returned from my run without a person sighting.  One a misfortune, the other a blessing.

Later that day, my nephew remarks, “Mark, you’re really happy today.”

This moment is only possible because I put on my orange this morning.

Deer camp was a blast and my run streak remains in tact after three weeks.  I’m a lucky dude!  A lucky dude, indeed!!

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