Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  This year I started it out a new way, by trotting with my turkeys – Sam (9) and Daniel (6).  Oh, I’ve turkey trotted before, but never alongside this duo of toms.  Together the men of the house decided to take on a 2 mile trot while mom sparred with the 4 miler.

Sporting rain gear, the boys sent mom off to her starting line and we proceeded to ours.  We started in the shadows of Lambeau Field with a cheerful pack of noncompetitive-minded runners, walkers, and many happy dogs.   It took a minute to break from the crowd and find room to stretch our legs.  You see, the boys were clear to me that they were here to run, not to walk.

As you would likely expect from a 6 year old, Daniel immediately shot off into a full-on sprint.  My encouragement to slowdown fell on deaf ears… like most other requests that I make of him.  Sam, the cagey veteran of a 10K, smiled and gently jogged ahead.  His smile sending a clear message that his brother had a lot to learn.

They ran in perfect harmony with their personalities.  Daniel with reckless abandon.  Sam with careful steadiness.  Daniel was a yo-yo… either a sprint or a shuffle.  Sam was a steady eddie…  consistent from start until end.

Despite the dramatically different styles, we all finished together and collected the same reward – a pumpkin pie.  Breakfast!

What did I learn this Thanksgiving?  

There is more than one way for a turkey to trot!

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