As fall turns to winter, I thought I would share this poem written by my Mom likely in the mid-1980’s.  I hope that you enjoy it.

We miss you Mom, but know that you are with us during this special time of year…

Before Winter Comes

Before winter comes,

I want to run through the meadow catching butterflies.

I want to feel the grass beneath my feet and splash in the water one more time.

Before winter comes,

I want to meet a friend and walk together in the moonlight talking about life and death and who it is that we were meant to be.

And I want autumn’s golden rain to fall on me one more time before the cold winds of winter turn it to ice.

I will take a lesson from the squirrels, before winter comes, and gather all that I will need to keep me alive and growing during the time around the fire and the long dark nights…

~ Adrienne Voisinet Cumicek

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