It’s been awhile.  Here’s some randomness…


Christmas came early for me.  I was able to buy two fresh pairs of Skechers for $110.  Heaven.  One pair of GOrun 4 and one pair of GOmeb Speed 3.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I get extremely giddy when new running shoes arrive.  Two pairs was like Christmas and my birthday at the same time.  Before christening them with their first run, I pranced around the house in each pair for a few hours like a true running dork.

New Skechers!

A hot topic among runners is buying shoes online vs. supporting your local running store.  I want to be clear that I do both.  Few running stores carry Skechers, so I buy online.  I truly have a love affair with their running shoes.  Right, Jennie?  However, I also appreciate our local running store – Run Away Shoes!  My wife and I buy a good amount of other gear and her shoes there.  It doesn’t need to be an OR situation.  You can buy online AND still support your local running store.


What a pain in the butt…

I stood up from my desk at work over a week ago, and had a sudden pain and difficult time standing up straight.  “This won’t last long.”  But it did.  The next few mornings were particularly brutal… delicately peeling myself to an upright position and then hobbling around the house with a grimace.  The nerve!

Living with a medical professional is a blessing.  She quickly diagnosed me with sciatica.  I lived in denial for three days because a muscle strain sounded manlier than THE sciatica.  Finally, I gave in to her wisdom and referenced Google.  She nailed it and recommended that I stretch instead of run.  I did both.

I honestly felt best when running and much relieved after a good run.   The start was consistently awkward and ginger, but all was better from there.  Truth be told, I can’t give running a pass here. It is likely a contributing factor.  Let’s do the math…

Running = tight hamstrings

Running often – appropriate focus on stretching = even tighter hamstrings

Even tighter hamstrings = sciatica

Gumby demonstrating a great sciatic stretch!

With a renewed appreciation for Gumby, my back is way better than it was and improving daily.  Mornings are tolerable again as I wake up to a new mantra,  “Stretch today to keep the sciatica away.”  I see lots of yoga in the next, and hopefully wiser, half of my life.


The running streak remains intact.  It was tough and probably not the right thing to do, but I did it. I believe it kept me sane and helped me heal up.   The first few steps were often painful, but I needed to run.  Beyond the first steps, I was rewarded with both physical relief as my muscles loosened, and the mental relief that running bestows.  I like to think that I am flexible about a lot things, but like my hamstrings, I choose to be inflexible about this.

Robert “Raven” Kraft

Tricia, an amazing colleague and friend, left an article on my desk earlier this week from Trail Runner magazine about a guy named Robert ”Raven” Kraft.  It put me at peace about my stubborn attitude and running through a pain in my a*#.  He has a real running streak going – almost 15,000 consecutive days of running 8 miles on the same stretch of South Beach.

Now, that’s stubborn and crazy.  I can only imagine what he has had to run through.  Well, actually, here is what the article noted…through a hurricane, pneumonia, food poisoning, and a nail to the foot.

Sciatica… child’s play 🙂

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  1. “Pain in the butt” is both a clever joke and the truth…had a bout with it during senior year at Madison. There’s no positive takeaways when a doctor hands you that diagnosis at age 22…bleh.

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