This time of year, I always think about how dumb I was a year ago at this time.  I think that’s a good sign, right?  Well here are my personal takeaways from 2015 categorized by the title of this blog…


# 1 – It’s more important to be kind than to be right.

# 2 – Forgive early, often, and for the small things (e.g. that person that cut you off on the highway).  Easier said than done, but worth it.

# 3 – Perspective is a powerful arrow to have in the quiver. A personal example that was difficult for me until I found that perspective arrow – Boston – No go, no glum.

# 4 – Being fully present with your family is so important, yet so difficult to actually do consistently.  I vow to Jennie, Sam, Daniel, and Herbie to be better in the year ahead.

# 5 – Life is not an emergency.  Thank you to the late Richard Carlson for ingraining this mantra in my mind.

# 6 – “If you are what you do, when you stop doing, you aren’t.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer. Morale of the story… be more than your job/career!


# 7 – Stretch today to keep sciatica away.

# 8 – Running for others is even more nourishing than running for yourself.  Thanks for the life changing opportunity Diane, myTEAM TRIUMPH, and Captain Henry & family.  Looking forward to more adventures in 2016.

# 9 – Though spring, summer, and fall running is great…there is something magical about running after a fresh snowfall.  This is especially true when you have new winter gear to try out and YakTrax on your feet.  I enjoyed December 29th!


#10 – Friendships don’t have an expiration date.  Thanks to the truly awesome group of dudes that are always there for a beer, advice, and the wife-annoying replay of old memories.

# 11 – itZpossible bars are AMAZING.  May I suggest the Double Chocolate Chunk… the best 61 calories on the planet.  Thank you Tammie Sue for making such tremendously tasty and healthy products and for being an all-round awesome person.

# 12 – My wife pretty much kicks a%&.  Grad school, clinical, work, kids, running our house, maintaining calendars, running marathons, attending crazy fitness boot camps, reading 50 books on her Kindle, shopping like its her job, being beautiful, putting up with me.  Thank you…  I love you, Jennie!

# 13 – Audio books are a great way to make a commute enjoyable and rewarding.  This discovery has made my year much more eye-opening… lots of learning, laughing, and reflecting.

# 14 – Being bored is a wonderful and healthy thing – I mean really sitting and actually doing NOTHING for a period of time.  It’s really hard to do, but worth it…this is coming from a busy body.  Bonus – Watch your kids’ reaction when they complain that they are bored and you respond that being bored is actually a great thing!

# 15 – Beer is good.  Especially draft beer.  This is not a new discovery, just a reaffirmation.

2015… it’s been great.  Onward!

A sincere thank you for taking time to read my blog.  Your interest and feedback has been touching and humbling.  

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~ Mark

4 thoughts on “15 takeaways from 2015

  1. Hi Mark. I’ve loved reading these blogs. As a lifelong runner, who is currently dealing with a very painful arthritic knee, my running has had to be more sporadic. It’s blogs like yours that allow me to still live vicariously through your runs. I appreciate your authenticity, wit, passion and all-around awesome writing style. All the best in 2016 to you and your family!

    1. Hi Jackie – Thank you for the comments and kindness. Wow! So glad I have been able to help in a small way through my words. Wishing you many blessings, good health, and more running in the year ahead. 2016 is gonna be awesome 🙂

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