Tuesday, January 26th.

I woke at 4:57AM vaguely remembering that it was snowing as I drifted off for the night.  Up and at’em.  Time to push an inch or two of fluff from the driveway.

Wrong!  As I opened the garage door I was greeted by a fresh five inches and a heaping pile left by the plow.  After testing the heaviness of the snow with a few meager whisks of a shovel, I sadly reached for the gas can to fill the snowblower.  I didn’t want to break the silence of the morning.

It was still, a few degrees below freezing, and a crazy bright.  I didn’t want to remove it, I wanted to run in it.  A fresh snowfall brings out a strange instinct in me – a strong desire to run.  It was especially powerful this morning.  A heavy powder elegantly frosted tree limbs gently reminding waking eyes that winter is not so bad after all.

Putting temptation aside, I finished clearing the snow and did my neighborly duties.  Then I stopped, looked towards the street, and wished with all my might that I could pause time for a simple hour.  An hour for just me, running, and Mother Nature to share.

Instead, I utterly enjoyed an hour long commute to work.  Most commutes on a day like this are a test of patience.  This day was different… it was a truly awe-inspiring snowfall.  Fortunately, it seemed to have inspired a strange sanity on the roads!

On the walk from the parking lot to the office, the instinct to drop everything and run was burning within me.  I snapped this picture as I longed for my sneaker-prints to complement the tire tracks.


The best of winter – January 26, 2016


Once again putting temptation aside, I took on the day.  A good day… no, a great one!  This snowfall was special and everyone knew it.  It reminded us of the best of winter.  Personally, it also fired me up to get outside running after many weeks puttering on the hamster wheel.

I never did get a chance to take it all in via a run that day.  That’s life.  My only run for the day involved a treadmill, five miles, a windowless room, and the audio-book version of Born to Run.

It’s days like this that make me realize that I was born to run.  It’s my default setting.  It’s my instinct.  It’s me.

Good news… tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow!

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