As a runner and as a human, I am most certainly the whole catastrophe.

The good with the bad.  The epic fail, oh so pleasantly complementing the brief moment of glory.  The picture with the wonderful smile, but ridiculous squint.

This past Thursday, I polished off an amazing 8-mile tempo run.  The best run I’ve had in ages.  I floated out of the YMCA feeling like a marathon champion Superman!  Two hours later, an annoying twinge in my left ankle quietly whispered, “Hold on there all-star, I’ve got a reminder for you…  You’re human!”  Three days of forced rest and recovery followed.

Oh yes, running has definitely taught me humility over the years.  Continually.

It’s that day when you’re running light and it just feels so easy. Then, you turn for home and are suddenly clobbered by a steady breeze you didn’t happen to notice.

Or that run on the treadmill with the towel covering the time and distance.  You just know that you have run at least 5 miles.  Upon the inevitable sly peek… 2.8!  Really?

It’s feeling like Rocky near the finish of a 10K only to be left in the dust of an 11 year-old phenom.

In a race, we are ALL runners.  Fast and slow.  I have tremendous respect for the amazing speed and skill of those in front.  I have equal respect for those towards the back-of-the-pack for their remarkable endurance and mental toughness.  Each is capable of things that I am not.

We all begin at the same start-line, and complete our journey at the same finish-line.

Such is life.

Running has taught me to just be a dude and enjoy the entire catastrophe that so beautifully ensues.

More importantly, it has taught me to constantly and patiently remember that others are just as human.   We are all imperfectly running this race together.   No one better.  No one worse.  All perfectly flawed in our own way.

And as soon as my ego begins to think otherwise…

Kryptonite 🙂


Running has taught me a lot of lessons over the years.

This is the second in an ongoing, periodic series of posts delving into what running has taught me about life and leadership.

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