Hello stress fracture!

It’s been two weeks without running since finally coming to terms with this reality.   Let me be clear that this is a self-diagnosis, but I’m pretty comfortable with its accuracy.  I last suffered such a fate about 7 or 8 years ago.  That go-round simply required four weeks of no running.  Easier said than done for a guy whose being is centered in the activity.

For whatever reason, this time it doesn’t seem as daunting.  Two weeks down, two weeks to go… and then I hope, pray, and beg for a healed shin.

Here are some pros and cons of this break from running…

Pro – Avoiding the need to run in this April’s winter weather.

Con – No training runs with Captain Henry as we prepare for our May marathon together.

Pro – I got to “sleep in” today.  This means 6:17 AM…but, hey, I’ll take it!

Con – It’s difficult for me to write when I don’t run… limited subject matter and no idea-generating running time.

Pro – I’ve rediscovered my affection for Tony Horton and P90X sessions.  You and me Eddie Lacey!

Con – My mind is slightly more jumbled than normal.

Pro – My shoes are not wearing out as quickly as usual so I’m saving a little money… or at least deferring the cost. OK – this one is a stretch!

Con – I’m missing the euphoric, everything-in-the-world-is-perfect feeling of finishing a good run.

Pro – I’m growing an affinity for leisurely walks.

Con – Lunchtime is not the same without the option of a run.

Pro – I truly, truly appreciate running more than ever.

Con – My goal of pushing hard for a sub 3-hour marathon in June is likely a pipe dream.

Pro – My June marathon will likely be a lot more relaxing than originally planned 🙂

Despite there being a pro for every con, the fact of the matter remains – I miss you terribly, running, and cannot wait until our reunion on April 25th.

Not that I’m counting… or have it circled on my calendar… or anything silly like that!

Check out what Captain Henry and I are up to on May 22nd @ Lambeau Field!!!

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  1. Oh no! Had a stress fracture (borderline,according to the physio!) last year & not being able to run made me a little nutty. But like you said, I found a whole new appreciation for running during that time! Best of luck with recovery.

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