Thanks to your great wisdom, an x-ray, and some reflection, I made the decision not to run the marathon this upcoming weekend.  I’m very content with this choice.

Your feedback…

It pretty much ran the gamut.  From be tough to tough love.  From giv’r hell to what the hell are you thinking.  All of the input and ideas were helpful and very much needed.  It is so often difficult to be open and vulnerable, but it’s worth the risk and discomfort to ask for help.

A quick aside… my wife Jennie’s input via my blog was to go for it.  A well played, well timed piece of reverse psychology I presume 🙂

The x-ray…

Enough self diagnosis, it was time to get a look at what was going on.  I knew this, but needed a little fairly good size push.  Thanks to  Jennie and a personal story of running injury caution from my friend Emily, I scheduled my physical and positioned for an x-ray of my shin at the same appointment.  Two birds, one stone… right?

Immediately after deciding this course of action, I went for a run… actually two runs in the same day.  If the x-ray was going to stop me from running, I might as well put on some miles before serving my sentence.  And I was in Boston!  Twin 6.5 mile sightseeing runs sandwiched a day of business meetings.   I celebrated with a few beers and a slightly weird, but very tasty Greek lamb meatball pizza.

What happened next was really strange.  The next morning, it just stopped hurting.  One day, it was so sensitive to the touch that it made me jump when Jennie pushed on it.  Two days later, after deciding an x-ray was the answer and running 13 miles, the pain simply vanished.  Prayers answered?

Well, anyway, I proceeded with the x-ray and all checked out OK, which is generally the norm with most stress fractures.

My word of the year…

The final deciding factor was remembering my  declared word of the year – flexibility.  Continuing with a plan to run regardless of the circumstances is the antithesis of this word.  Doing this would be nothing more than a rigid, stubborn, bull-headed move.  I have to stay true to my word of the year!

So, that’s it.  I’m not running a marathon this weekend.  Instead, I’m gently running the Bellin Run 10K on Saturday (last minute change…now running it with myTEAM TRIUMPH due to a great example of the stars aligning and being right where you were intended to be).

On Sunday, I’ll be volunteering at the previously scheduled marathon helping control traffic and hopefully keeping runners on course… just like your wisdom kept me on course.

As for the rest of the summer… I’ll be flexible and see what transpires.  I’ve got a distinct feeling something wonderful is about to happen.  We’ll see 🙂

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