In June, my wife and kids got me a new watch for Father’s Day and my birthday.  The Garmin vivoactive has become a part of me. I love it!

Garmin vivoactive watch
Garmin vivoactive.  Awesome watch.  Addictive features!

The GPS is a breeze to use and the battery life is amazing.  It is so much better than any other running watch I’ve had.  This makes it easy to wear all the time.  The problem is that all of my runs feature an ongoing gaze at the scoreboard – watching pace and distance.

I’ve sacrificed the peace and feel of running free.

Fortunately, over the last few days, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.

With GPS…

I normally don’t share run details on my blog, but this lunchtime dandy made my Thursday afternoon.  A no expectations run intended to simply clear the mind led to a nice negative split with a sub 6 last mile.

Lunchtime run gone negative… splits that is.

Funny how good things happen when least expected.  And please note that I did run 4:13 pace for 1.7 seconds 🙂

These are the moments when I immerse in the “still got it” attitude and look ahead to future PRs.  This run would not have happened without the benefits of a GPS watch.

Without GPS…

After a great weekend getaway to White Potato Lake with the fam, I yearned for an hour of quiet and a run.  Though I kept the watch on my wrist, I fought the instinct to push that button to start the tracking.  Boy, am I glad I did.

The only numbers for this run were 12:50 and 2:01 – the time I strutted down the driveway and the time I walked in the kitchen door.  No idea how far I ran.  No mile splits to analyze.

Instead of focus on the next mile, my mind drifted to the clouds… to winter vacation plans… to finding a resolution I’ve been seeking for weeks… then to mindless numbness for a few miles.

By the time the clock hit 2:01… Zen.


Though GPS runs make me a better runner, unplugged runs make me a better person.

Like negative splits and wine, I hope I’m getting better with time… in both worlds!

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