leap  /lēp/
  1. jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force
  2. make a sudden rush to do something; act eagerly and suddenly
  1. a sudden, abrupt change or transition

Today marks one year since I began a year of leaps…

On September 27, 2015, I quietly started this blog and crafted my first post without telling a soul.  I wasn’t yet sure if this would be a private journal or if I would share my thoughts with others.   My first post was a poem titled “I run, I am” – running as a reflection of my upbringing and how it has shaped me.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Then, in early October I made a bigger leap…

As a form of therapy, I jotted down my thoughts on qualifying for, but failing to get into the 2016 Boston Marathon field.  This was my raw attempt at personally coming to terms with disappointment… literally telling myself to be the optimist.  It worked.  

Then on a whim, I decided to share this blog post in a discussion on the Boston Marathon Facebook page.  With that leap, my blog and my thoughts were no longer a secret.

That leap made me extremely queasy.  Freely sharing my thoughts with others?  Writing?  Blogging?  Really?

My year in blogging has been filled with moments.  Moments of frustration trying to squeeze in time to write.  Moments of inspiring feedback from readers.  Moments of self-disappointment for not posting in a month.  Moments of “don’t force it, write when you’re ready and have something to say… it’s not your job!”  Moments of pride and happiness.

Fast forward to this past summer…

As my vocally supportive family stood safely below and firmly attached to Mother Earth, I sat at the edge of a three-story platform not sure if I should cry, puke, or fake an injury.

Instead, I leapt.  OK, more accurately, I awkwardly fell forward with my eyes closed.  I’m sure it looked pathetic, but to me it was a leap.  A leap that was the perfect exclamation point to an afternoon of terrifying fun on a ropes course with the fam.  An afternoon of squarely addressing my disagreement with heights… man-to-man!

Survived!  That’s a look of absolute relief.

Now, I face a far greater and more intimidating leap…

My feet are about to say good-bye to what they’ve known for the last 14+ years as I propel myself forward into the unknown of a career change.  It’s a feeling of freedom and fear.  A true leap of faith – faith in God, my family’s love, and in my abilities.

I’m saying good-bye to steady to pursue new.


Will I stick the landing like an Olympic gymnast?  Probably not.

Will I be successful?  I like my chances 🙂

Will I learn something new?  No doubt.

To leap, you have to risk something – sanity, safety, stability.

Fortunately, there is so much to gain – guts, glory, growth.

It’s Stop vs. Go.

Running continues to be my preferred method of “going” and moving forward.  However, in the last year, I’ve learned the importance of working in a periodic leap – some rather tiny and benign… and some unimaginably vast and scary.

Bring on the next leap in this steeplechase called life!

7 thoughts on “Leaping

  1. This is personally great in a time where I also feel unsure if I have been swimming too long in the same bowl. I have said that my running is not excercise but a way to run from what holds me back and run towards my future. Some days it is a very long run.

    1. True that! I can totally relate… running is my active mediation some days, my therapy session on others, and a glorious celebration on those less frequent, but very special occasions. THANKS for reading and sharing your comment.

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