In the comments section of my recent post expressing thanks to my Jewelers Mutual friends, a former colleague named Patti reminded me of an important mental hygiene practice.  It’s one that’s remarkably easy to apply, but equally easy to misplace in the busyness of our lives and our minds.  Funny as it may be, I learned it from an article in Runner’s World many years ago.

Here it is…

Have to versus get to

Replace I have to with I get to.  Try it.  Both in thoughts and in spoken words.

Let’s give it a shot together with a real life example.  Earlier this week, my older son’s braces broke for the umpteenth time this year.  My initial reactions… I have to figure this out again!  Jennie and I have to find a way to bring him to the orthodontist, again!!

Now, let’s recast my mind’s initial reaction using this approach.  I get to figure this out.  Jennie or I get to bring him to the orthodontist.  With a simple pivot of the mind, wah-la, a whole new perspective.  I get to bring him to the orthodontist and spend a little extra time with him.

And you know what?  Bringing Sam to the ortho turned out to be the best 37 minutes of my week!  We shared some priceless stories and laughs during this previously unscheduled time together.  He also talked me into stopping to pick him up Subway for lunch!  Kids.

Get to run

When I remember, I use this approach to frame my mind with running as well.  Believe it or not, I don’t always want to go running.  For example, it’s a cold and dark morning.  It’s January.  It’s Sunday.  It’s 5am.  The plan calls for 14 miles.  My alarm goes off.  I either have to go running or I get to go running.  The mental choice is mine to make.  On occasion, I make the right one!

When I get to go running, peeling myself from the comfort of a cozy bed is so much easier.  Oh, and I get to consume an awesome coffee, donut, and breakfast sandwich when I’m done.  That never hurts my motivation.

Thanks for this valuable reminder, Patti!  As for that article from Runner’s World – it’s been misplaced and is presently only a distant, fond memory.  I can’t find it anywhere on this world-wide web thing.  If you know of the article and its location, please give me a shout. I would love to reread it and share it.

Now, to some randomness…

Blog 2.0 + the future

If you’re a repeat reader of this blog, you may have noticed that it looks a bit different.  I’m undertaking some extensive remodeling and preparing for exciting times in the year ahead.  Not only is the look and feel enhanced, but I’ve also updated the About section and will be doing more sharing of my Favorites.  Please check this stuff out.  I’ll give you a heads up as I add more of my favorites.

On June 25, 2017, I turn 40.  I have a birthday goal to reach 2,500 regular readers of this blog by then.  This is a crazy goal (or dream) considering I’m hovering at a much lower three-digit number right now.  I can only get there with your help.  Yes, you get to help in three ways.

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THANKS so much for the continued support and encouragement.  Because of you, I get to write!


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