Have you consciously written down how much you have to be thankful for lately?  Me neither.  With Thanksgiving falling on November 24th this year, I thought I’d share 24 heaping servings of my personal gratitude.

Here are my tasty 24 in no particular order or prescribed serving size.

I’m thankful for…

#1. Coffee.  With cream.  Preferably the good fattening stuff.

#2. My son, Sam. His kindness towards his peers and respect for elders is something special.  Talk about making teachers gush!

#3. The Fox River Trail.  I get to jump on this trail right across the street from our house.  Over the years, it has cleared my mind, helped me solve problems, and relieved many anxieties.

#4. Beer.  All kinds.  Well, except for the really cheap Kirkland stuff at Costco.  It’s bad.  Really bad!  Consider yourself warned.

#5. My son, Daniel.  He energetically squeezes every ounce out of each day.  Up at 5am daily, and instantly asleep when his head hits the pillow at night. (See #1 for how I cope)

#6. My Dad.  He’s blessed me with a love of running and so much more.  Enough said.

#7. Breakfast sandwiches.  I pretty much eat one daily and never get sick of them.  Egg, sausage, and cheese, please!

#8 – Post-race reflecting with Captain Henry.

#8. Captain Henry and all the other Captains with myTEAM TRIUMPH.  They joyfully remind me that running is a priceless gift.

#9. The family I married into.  An amazing group of people that I always enjoy spending time with.

#10. The Green Bay Packers.  This one’s controversial!  Though my gratitude is mightily tested this season, I must remain loyal to the green & gold through adversity. (See #4 for how I cope)

#11. My Mom.  Besides her love, she blessed me with the desire to write.  Glad that her spirit helped me finally develop the courage to do it and share it!

#12. White Potato Lake.  Fresh air, fresher perspective, and a better pace to life are all accessible with an hour’s drive.

#13. SmartWool stuff.  Especially their socks – both running and casual.  I can’t explain it, but they put me in a better place as soon as I slip them on.

#14. Runner’s World magazine.  What can I say?  I’m a dork.  Fist pump when it arrives in the mailbox.

#15. My siblings.  Holiday gatherings and birthdays = Good laughs, great memories, much love.

#16. The kindness of others.  Since I made the decision to pivot me career and work independently, I’ve been amazed by the willingness of so many to help me with ideas, connections, and feedback.  This includes both those I’ve known for years, and those I’ve literally known for minutes.

#17. My car.  For putting up with me for 200K+ miles. Let’s enjoy our final, special moments together in the year ahead.

#18. Herbie.  Our elderly, blind dog is equal parts annoying and lovable.  His snoring ability is top-notch!

#19. Skechers.  GOrun 4’s in particular.  I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit obsessed with their running shoes.

#20. God.  For health, happiness, hope… and for blessing me with the basic necessities of life.

#21. Friends.  Though the frequency of hanging out ebbs and flows with the demands of life, the loyalty never wavers and the stories can never be retold too many times.  <insert wife eye-rolling here>  Garage beers soon?

#22. Tortilla chips & cookies.  An odd combo, but for me, they go so well together after the kids go to bed.  I usually start with the chips and end with the cookies.

#23. Ability to run.  I know it’s strange to many, but this instinctive movement shapes me.  I’m mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger because of running.  We all have our thing.  I’m thankful running is mine!  Oh, and it helps offset #22.

#24. My wife, Jennie.  Like my car, she’s put up with me for a lot of miles.  Where do I start or end?  She’s everything to me.  Thankful is a tremendous understatement.  She is way better than I deserve.

That’s a whole lot of gratitude.  I’m stuffed, but did save a little room for pumpkin pie.  Two slices with whipped cream, please.

While I’m enjoying my pumpkin pie, its your turn.  What are you thankful for?  What’s on your personal tasty 24 this Thanksgiving?

Please share a few thoughts in the comments section below.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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4 thoughts on “2 Dozen Tasty Servings of Gratitude

  1. Love all you are thankful for! My list includes family, good health, and peace! Right now my young grandsons are upstairs sound asleep – here for the holiday. Doesn’t get any better. Love your comment about the car. I had 250,000 miles on my beloved Mountaineer before bidding it farewell. Took me to and from Jewelers Mutual many, many times!

    1. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Diane. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Such a special time of the year… love it! Isn’t it funny how we connect with a vehicle after so many miles together?

  2. Coffee, running, my husband, my two boys, a good job with great people, my parents, my extended family, wine, and nature (that I enjoy because of running). I could go on and on! I’ve had a few moments this last week that have made me especially grateful. My heart is full. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Trista – thanks for taking a few minutes to share your gratitude! Lots of similar themes in our lists. Hope you and your family had wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

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