2016 written in chalk

Last New Year’s Eve I posted my 15 takeaways from 2015 categorized using the name of this blog.  I might as well make it a tradition and up my game to 16 takeaways for this year.  This will become quite the task come 2050!

Here we go…


# 1 – “Dad, you’re a lot more fun when you’re happy.” ~ Sam Cumicek, age 10 (7/20/2016)

# 2 – You become what you practice the most.  This transcends happiness or positivity, but I’ll throw it in this category.

# 3 – Carefully review the words of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi often.  Striving to live these words is a noble and extremely difficult mission.

The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
Takeaway #3

# 4 – Event + Response = Outcome.  Despite the circumstances we’re dealt, we get to control our response.  This portion of the equation dramatically shapes the outcome.  You’re in control!

# 5 – Happiness boils down to two things – a thankful attitude and a forgiving heart.


# 6 – Injuries suck.  I particularly dislike stress fractures.  OK, now that’s off my chest.  It’s history!

# 7 – Happy trails.  After much talk, I finally hit the trails and completed my first trail race at the inaugural High Cliff 25K.  It was an experience for sure – equal parts misery, learning, and joy.

# 8 – Running is not all about racing and times.  With my race plans and time goals out the window, I focused on just running.  Not fast.  Just getting out there.  As Amy Bailey articulates very well in this article, it many times is all about just showing up.


# 9 – You’re not nervous, you’re excited!  I shared this Simon Sinek clip with many people this year including an eye-rolling son who was dry heaving over his swim meet the next morning.  It makes sense and it works!  Invest 2 minutes and 25 seconds and give it a view.

#10 – Aging is all about perspective.  Just ask a kidlet.  “Six is better because you have a longer life, but seven is good too, because you have more experience.” ~ Daniel Cumicek, age 7 (7/28/2016)

# 11 – This is a recent and trivial discovery, but one that I feel obligated to share – Allbirds are amazing kick around shoes.  Do yourself a favor and order a pair.  A wonderful Christmas gift that I am slightly obsessed with.

# 12 – If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done
Takeaway #12

# 13 – Blogging is way more difficult than I ever imagined.  There’s the writing.  Then there’s the outreach to build an audience that actually cares about the writing.  I have tremendous respect for those who have dedicated enough to it to make it their profession.  It takes guts, courage, tenacity, and coffee.

# 14 – Be awesome, be brief, and be done.  This was supposedly the outgoing voicemail message of retired Green Bay Packers offensive lineman, Mark Tauscher.  A clever and insightful mantra when preparing to deliver a message, make a presentation, or write a blog!

# 15 – I’m incredibly blessed.  From a wife and best friend that sticks with me through my crazy ideas and life altering changes… to healthy and truly good kids… to amazing friends… to having well beyond the basic essentials in life.  I have to remind myself often that even my biggest problems are things that many others would love to deal with.

# 16 – Beer is good.  Especially draft beer.  This is not a new discovery, just a reaffirmation.

2016… you’ve been cool.  I’m better from all you’ve taught me!  

What takeaways do you have from 2016?  Please share…

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2 thoughts on “16 takeaways from 2016

  1. Love #4 and that you used the word response vs react. College coach always said if your doctor gives you medication would you rather respond to it or react to it?

    Happy New Year!!

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