cold winter wind

A few days ago, I checked my weather app as I prepped for a mid-day run.

Wind 19 MPH out of the South.

Based on that intel, I changed my running course for the day. With a mischievous grin, I ran into the teeth of the steady breeze for two miles.

For the last 18 months, I’ve been running into the wind – whether it be running, career, or life.

Injury led to canceled races and dismissed running goals.  Then, I made the intentional decision to place myself into a gale by drastically altering my career plans.  Overall, our family has marched together into winds of changes through grad school, my career pivot, and on again / off again plans to build a house.

Can you relate?  We all run into the wind for stretches – sometimes by circumstance, other times by choice.

Running into the wind is not something to avoid or frown about.  Rather, it’s something to embrace.  The wind shapes our character and sculpts us for life’s next set of adventures.

Back to my run…  After those first two miles, I beamed as I approached a lonely, icy crossroads in the countryside.  The spot is far from remarkable to the casual observer.  But on this day, it was remarkable to the only observer in sight.  It was my turnaround point.

For the final 2 miles, the wind worked with me on the homeward trot. It all seemed so effortless and relaxing.

Life’s next turnaround point is in sight.

Though I appreciate running into the wind, I’m absolutely thrilled at the prospect of running with it for awhile.   A bit of delayed gratification for enduring.

It’s time to enjoy.  To savor.  To smile.

With a gust at my back, running goals will be set and achieved.  My career is about to blossom in ways I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. And the next chapter in our family’s life just may be written in a new home.

Before long, either the wind or I will change direction again.  And that’s totally cool.

Though running with the wind is more enjoyable; running into it is more rewarding.  Just like my recent four mile run, life provides us with plenty of opportunities to experience both.

And sometimes, it’s important to make that tough, conscious decision to burst into the cold headwind first.  On purpose and with purpose.

Enjoy today.

~ Mark


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1 thought on “Running into the Wind

  1. Mark, that’s a great way to look at life. Running into the wind is spot on! In most cases, we make a conscious decision to run into the wind knowing the outcome will be positive. I, too, having chosen to go into the wind, although I’ll go with biking into the wind. I’ll learn and get stronger along this course and am excited to see where I’ll be when the wind shifts.

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