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3 of 40…

No numbers to this math equation…

Event + Response = Outcome

Wow.  Talk about an equation that literally melts away stress.  There is always something you can do.  The most important part of this equation?  Response.  YOUR response.

You really do have some control in every situation or event this life deals you.  Personally, this is a flashcard that I need to study often.

What else?

A few other points to think about:

  • There is a similar variation of this equation that replaces the word Response with Reaction.  That’s way too weak!
  • Many times the best response is to take the high road and forgive or apologize.  Other times, the best response is to compassionately confront or have the courage to have the difficult conversation.  Sometimes, the best response is to outwardly do nothing while asking for help from above.
  • This equation is the essence of personal accountability.  No victim-thinking allowed!

Takeaway 3 of 40

Event + Response = Outcome

Keep this important equation in mind – both in life’s peaks and life’s valleys.

Respond with humility and generosity when things are on-track.  Respond with grace and courage when things are off-the-rails.

Control what you can control, and let the rest go.  

Leave the rest in the hands of One far more capable…

How’s that for some fuzzy math?!

Enjoy today,

~ Mark


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