Beach and surfer

Forty things I’ve learned in my first 40 years. ¬†Learn more about the series here.

7 of 40…

The idea of me drawing an analogy to surfing is rather comical. My knowledge of the sport is limited. I passed on numerous opportunities to learn to surf while in Australia for a college semester due to my comfort, or lack thereof, in the open water. Man, I wish I could go back and redo…

I digress. My broader point is that life generously presents us with stretches when things are really clicking, and all seems to be falling in line. These stretches may last for weeks or only hours. Regardless of the duration, it’s important to corral the momentum of theses moments and breath in the energy – along with a little salt water!

Delight in riding life’s waves, and leverage them to the fullest. And in between those waves we are fortunate enough to catch, we find the challenges that test our swimming ability and sharpen our virtue.

What else?

Some other points to ponder:

  • Take time to recognize and be thankful for the good surf!
  • Be humble while you are up on your surfboard. Others may need to catch a ride while they’re struggling between their own personal waves.
  • Are you more of land lover than a surfer? You may prefer this¬†running with the wind¬†comparison from a prior article.
  • In the words of Fatima Doman, “The big waves in life might come from outside of you, but the ability to ride them comes from inside of you – from your character strengths.”

Takeaway 7 of 40

Savor those waves that carry us forward. And in between those beautiful surges, keep paddling! All that time paddling hones our appreciation of the moments where we gracefully glide. There is a time and a purpose for each.

Above all, don’t be like the guy I was 19 years ago in Australia.

Grab a board and jump in.

Paddle like hell!

Soak in the adrenaline, humbling failures, burning muscles, and anxious anticipation. Without these experiences, we aren’t prepared for life’s next wave. We aren’t prepared to delight in the ride.

You can’t ride waves while sitting on the beach.

Seek the surf, and hang 10!

Enjoy today,

~ Mark

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