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I’m Mark Cumicek.  As I approach the big four-O, I find myself blessed with an amazing wife, Jennie, and two crazy boys, Sam (11) and Daniel (8).  We reside in Wisconsin along with our senior citizen, Herbie (83 in dog years).

UPDATE – we had to say goodbye to our dear Herbie this summer and I turned 40!  I’ll update this whole page one of these days!!

I’m also the son of a writer (Mom) and runner (Dad).  They’re the roots of this blog.

I love running and writing while striving to maintain a default setting of happiness in all of life. In addition to running, I have an affinity for beer, breakfast sandwiches, late night salty snacks, and donuts. Thank God that I like running!

Though lots of what I write about is centered on my passion for running, my goal is to entertain and inspire both the runner and the non-runner alike.  I sincerely hope you enjoy as I share my perspective on happiness, running, and the randomness of one dude’s life.

In the year ahead, I look forward to cultivating and growing this blog into something that you look forward to reading weekly.

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