My Favorites

Below are some of my favorites in the Gear category.  Please check out my favorite books on this Books page.


People often think I’m crazy when I tell them that I run in Skechers.  Try them, I think you’ll like and possibly fall in love (like it did)!  No, I am not a paid spokesman.  However, if you are out there Skechers, I would welcome some free shoes 🙂

Garmin vivoactive watch

I received a beautiful Garmin vivoactive for my b-day / Father’s Day.  Aside from charging once in awhile, it has been permanent fixture on my wrist.


The highlights…

  • Fantastic battery life – well over a week per charge.
  • The GPS finds satellites with lightning speed.
  • Plenty of smartwatch functionality to keep me entertained!

Craft running jacket

So warm and light weight at the same time.  It just gives you a feeling of confidence as you step out the door to go take on a run… and the best of what Mother Nature wants to toss your way.

SmartWool socks

Oh baby.  Amazing.  I will be buying like a dozen more pairs.  My tootsies are in heaven.

SmartWool t-shirt

Lots of treadmill time over the last couple months and this shirt that I received as a Christmas gift has proven to be the very comfortable and durable.  It washes up very nice too… no stink… allowing me to also wear it for bumming around.  If you have ever worn SmartWool, you know how comfy their stuff is for bummin’.  Quite honestly, I’m kinda obsessed with this shirt.  Right Jennie?

Plantronics Backbeat Fit wireless headphones

Another priceless Christmas gift!  These bad boys have been awesome.  On outdoor runs, I prefer running without listening to anything, but on the hamster wheel… different story.  These Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones easily connect to a phone or iPod, have long battery life, and fit way better than expected on my big ears.  I never would have expected the lack of a wire to be so freeing.  Audio books, podcasts, and music have become even more of a pleasure while on the run.


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