2 Dozen Tasty Servings of Gratitude

Have you consciously written down how much you have to be thankful for lately?  Me neither.  With Thanksgiving falling on November 24th this year, I thought I’d share 24 heaping servings of my personal gratitude. Here are my tasty 24 in READ MORE

Thanks Jewelers Mutual!

It was April 22, 2002… I was unmarried.  No kiddos.  Some semblance of hair on my head. Few real responsibilities or true life experiences. Lunch time most often included time with the sports section and a Whopper. I entered the READ MORE

73 years and still running

My Dad was a runner before it was cool. Running was quite a strange thing back then.  You just didn’t see many people on streets or trails sweating and striding for no apparent reason. Around our small town, people often noted READ MORE