cold winter wind

Running into the Wind

A few days ago, I checked my weather app as I prepped for a mid-day run. Wind 19 MPH out of the South. Based on that intel, I changed my running course for the day. With a mischievous grin, I READ MORE

U.0 The best version of yourself

Being Your Best Version: A Case Study

My Dad has fallen into the habit of sharing books with me from Matthew Kelly.  I’ve subsequently fallen into the habit of reading them.  One of the major themes in his writing is developing habits that lead to becoming the READ MORE

Word up

2017 Word of the Year

Last January, I declared my 2016 word of the year via this blog post. This year, I’m mixing things up and declaring my word of the year via a video. Here’s my brief reflection on 2016’s word and declaration for READ MORE